Practice makes Perfect

Our brains are wired differently from one another, this is a given and a blessing. If we were all wired the same way, life would be mundane and one dimensional. Our bodies are equally varied. As a teacher, we learn that people take in information in a variety of ways: visually, by listening, some le...
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An open letter

To my sweet, sweet boy,   It is hard to comprehend that 3 years has passed since you left this place. The events of that morning left such a scar in our hearts that we didn’t think it would ever heal over and there are days, like today, when it feels that way.   Sam and I just ...
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I have been trying to start this post for nearly a month. Things have been super busy and I am finally getting around to it. And the longer I wait to write it, the more evidence builds toward proving the point I want to make. I have always been a realist and pragmatist. Things need to make sense ...
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It's that time of year: top news stories, biggest hits, best gossip, most retweets and Gram followers. In my default mode - read corny - I think to myself, "Wait a minute, let's stop and think of the positive outcomes of 2018." I gave my first keynote speech and met hundreds of new people, helped se...
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Keep Moving

“Today’s goal: Remind yourself that you are not betraying your grief by feeling joy. You are not being graded, and you do not receive extra credit for being miserable 100% of the time. Find pockets of relief, even happiness, when and where you can. Keep moving.” Maggie Smith via Twitter @maggiesm...
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Our concept of time changes throughout our life. When we are children, the summers are endless and a 30 minute drive felt as if it would last forever. One of Andrew’s famous lines was, “This is taking for a long time!”, even if it was a short trip. As we get older, time seems to fly; the days are lo...
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