Happy new year!

No, it’s not the calendar new year, but for those who have school aged children or those who are educators, the day after Labour Day signifies the start of a new dawn in most of Canada. In many ways, Tuesday after Labour Day presents some of the same January rituals for example, going to the gym, or eating healthier after months of BBQ burgers and hot dogs, or being more budget conscious after that amazing summer holiday splurge. However, it is also a time for reflection and goal setting. New classrooms will be filled with students in new routines, new rules and figuring out what they are going to strive for academically, socially and physically. It’s odd for me this year, to not be a part of the back to school chaos; Andrew is gone, Sam is settled at university and I am not going back to the classroom. So. Much. Change. Tomorrow we say goodbye to my mother in law, a woman who was strong and fierce, introverted and loving. Her weekly phone calls and news updates will be sorely missed. Then, on Wednesday, I step way far out of my comfort zone and move into a new position that I am so proud of, albeit a little intimidated! I don’t know what it’s like to not have a day regulated by bells. I am, however, completely thrilled with the idea that I can have coffee and go to the bathroom whenever I want and need to!!


This change comes with obvious benefits, but it also comes with risk. The lack of structure, stability and routine equals a new frontier for me. But it’s right. I can feel it in my soul that this work that I am doing, is the path that I am meant to carve out. It’s Andrew’s work. Andrew’s living legacy to keep people safe. As patient and family advisor it is my job to help shape the programs that will increase medication safety within the Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada.


If you’re going back to school, as student or educator; if you’re starting a new endeavour in this “new year”; or if you’re going back to work tomorrow after a long weekend, I challenge you to push through your comfort zone just a little. I truly believe that the risk will bring reward. And if there are setbacks along the way, persevere, because it’s worth it.

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