Today, Andrew was supposed to turn 16. He was supposed to be studying for his G1 driver’s permit. He was supposed to be gearing up for the summer soccer season before grade 11. He was supposed to be in the middle of a growth spurt and adjusting to his lowered voice, but he’s not. I had the privi...
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One More Day

One more day. And then the next. On Monday begins a settling period. This weekend marks the end of the “held breath” part of the year, Christmas, the anniversary of Andrew’s passing, Mother’s Day, his birthday and Father’s Day. A 6-month span of checking off significant days, waiting for them to pas...
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First steps, first words, first day of kindergarten, all days that live in a parent’s pride vault. Doctors measure a child’s development with the help of milestones as a benchmark of their growth. I remember watching the kids when they were grading for that next belt at karate, it being more stressf...
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New Normal

The first half of this year has shown the world how vulnerable it is to powers greater than the people who think they run it. Disease has reared its ugly head, in all of its forms, and the afflicted are trying to move into their “new normal”. Forces outside the control of the masses are bringing peo...
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Ride of my Life

If you know me, you know that I am a calm, level-headed and pragmatic person. Life, up until 4 years ago, came and went and I took it all in stride and was grateful for the affordances granted me, even after losing my dad. I am a problem solver and am resourceful, qualities I owe to my dad’s teachin...
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Check your Meds

My intention for this weekend was to write a post about the holidays, how difficult they can be when you are grieving etc etc. While this is still an important message, something came up yesterday that knocked me off my feet. A news report broke with the story of a mom who almost gave her baby a dos...
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