Practice makes Perfect

Our brains are wired differently from one another, this is a given and a blessing. If we were all wired the same way, life would be mundane and one dimensional. Our bodies are equally varied. As a teacher, we learn that people take in information in a variety of ways: visually, by listening, some learn through movement, some through music, among others. Personally, I can only remember information if I write it down and I can also remember all the lyrics to a 1980’s song but can barely remember what I had for dinner yesterday! It always amazes me how the brain stores and retrieves information.

Having said that, our brains find some tasks easier than others. Today, I started working with a personal trainer. Who in God’s name thought this was a good idea? My body is already seizing up!! My brain is not wired for this kind of torture…I mean training! So now, not only do I have to train my body to make some muscle mass, I have to trick my brain into thinking that this is a good idea, 3 times per week. He already threatened me with checking up on my attendance…who gave him such authority over my life? Oh yes, me AND I’m paying him to do so.

Somehow, standing up in front of people and sharing the deepest tragedy of my life, is easier. I know how to prepare, how to maintain my composure during and how to allow my mind, body and spirit to decompress afterward. How can this be? Perhaps it’s because my teacher skills kick in or my passion for medication safety takes over, but either way, it’s not nearly as challenging as getting my backside to the gym and working out. Problem is, I don’t have a choice. I have to manage my health now, or else in 5-10 years the ramifications will be irreversible and I am not taking any chances. I can’t. I have too much work to do with increasing patient safety and working toward eradicating preventable medication errors.

How do you make/motivate yourself to do something you don’t want to do? Any suggestions are welcome!

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