Patient Advocate Melissa Sheldrick Recognized by Council for Work on AIMS, Advancing Medication Safety in Ontario

In life, there are times when your heart almost literally explodes with pride. For me, it's been tied to the kids and their accomplishments. Last week, it happened again and it is definitely tied to Andrew and our accomplishments. The Ontario College of Pharmacists had an official recognition ceremo...
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Resilient People

I recently had the opportunity to share my story with Janet Fanaki, creator of the website   Please have a look at both the video and the website. She features profiles of people who have been through difficult life experiences and have been able to move forward in a po...
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My New Role

As you are all aware, I have taken my role as patient advocate for medication safety very seriously since we found out the cause of Andrew's death. It has ignited a passion in me that I didn't even know was there. I have said before that I never knew that I had the ability to speak in front of hundr...
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